Twist-n-Grip Peg

A Tough Ground Anchoring Earth Screw

Easy to screw in and holds greater loads than similar-sized pegs!!


About the (EarthScrew) Peg

The EarthScrew peg is a non-corrosive, super strong, easy to use peg with many uses. As a tent peg for camping and other outdoor activities. You can use it in the garden or on the sports field or worksite to hold down the guy ropes of awnings and other coverings. Designed to simply screw into the earth using the hand tool or a 3/8″ drive adaptor in a wrench or battery drill. So simple, no more hammering and ending up with bent or broken pegs!

The Twist-n-Grip EarthScrew peg works like a regular screw which is why we nickname it an EarthScrew! It is simply screwed in and out of the earth giving you a good secure anchorage point. Use it to hold down tents, bivouacs, shade coverings, awnings, canopies or gazebos. Tie down the trampoline, furniture, pet cage and so many other items. In the garden, use it for young shrub tie downs, secure growing tunnels or pinning weed mat and soil erosion materials it has so many uses. Removal is as easy as insertion, just unscrew it, no more pulling and straining required, simple and easy.

Designed in New Zealand

The head of the EarthScrew peg is designed for a 4mm guy rope to be easily clipped into place for a secure fastening. It can be easily removed without withdrawing so, when required, the peg can be left permanently (it won't corrode) in place. The guy rope is set closer to the pole or side of tent, reducing a trip hazard. The EarthScrew peg is designed to be easy to use, screw in and has less ground disturbance on withdrawal. Wind resistance is 35kg making it a stronger anchoring peg than the equivalent of a ‘knock in’ peg.

Manufactured in New Zealand

Manufactured in New Zealand, since 2003, from Acetal (poloxymethylene or POM) which is a high strength, low friction engineering plastic having excellent properties for wet and dry environments. Flexible and strong with excellent diversional stability. The pointed tip of the peg helps to pull the peg in as you screw it in and out with little earth disturbance.


Overall length 175mm; the tapered shaft length is 154mm x 20mm tapering to 10mm. Head diameter: 45mm.

One Twist-N-Grip Earth Screw Peg
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